DigMyPics may not rank among the very best photo scanning services , but with professional videographers and photographers overseeing the process, it comes close. Using high-tech equipment, photographs are scanned into uncompressed TIFF files to ensure a high quality result. 

In terms of turnaround time, your wait will likely depend on the number of photographs you have. For fewer than 400 photos, you can expect to have your order back in under six days, but have more than 2,401 photographs to scan, it may take 15 or more business days to process and return your order. That said, if you don’t want to wait, you can pay an additional fee to place a rush on the service – be aware, that you an expect to pay about a 50 percent premium with a minimum amount, though.

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Standard prints are scanned at 300 dots per inch (dpi), therefore balancing print quality and size. While DigMyPics organizes your photographs for you, small groups containing 30 or fewer photos incur an additional charge per group. A name can be given to each group of photos you send in, and the resulting images are placed into separate folders named accordingly.

Manual color and exposure correction is standard practice with DigMyPics’ photo scanning services. Professional photo technicians run each image through Adobe Photoshop to make sure they look acceptable, although if you have a large collection of photographs that need correction, it can increase the processing time for your order.

If you own VHS, VHS-C, 8mm or Digital 8 home video cassettes or film, DigMyPics can convert and transfer them to long-lasting DVD discs. This particular scanning service uses professional series JVC decks, aiding noise reduction and video stabilization in the finished video. It only supports NTSC formatted tapes, though, so it can’t transfer any PAL formats. DigMyPics will also attempt to repair broken videocassette tapes, but note that the fee will still be charged even if it the tape cannot be fixed. 

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Should you use DigMyPics?

DigMyPics is a decent option if you’re looking for a professional photo scanning service, but be prepared to pay extra for things like repair and rush orders. As well as still images, this photo scanning company can also convert a variety of films to digital media and employ noise-reduction techniques to improve quality.