The Peak PKC0BU4 is an affordable backup camera that’s easy to use and will provide a clear picture of the area behind your car. When choosing the best backup camera , simplicity and performance should be high on anyone’s agenda, and the Peak PKC0BU4 delivers on both counts. 

The upgraded version of the Peak camera’s night vision features six infrared LEDs to better illuminate the area behind your vehicle instead of relying on your reverse lights. This improvement gives you a larger nighttime visual range. The LEDs are the most distinct difference between the old and new products, so check that the version you’re purchasing has LEDs.

Like other backup cameras we tested, the Peak PKC0BU4 was fairly easy to get up and going. The camera sits on a bar that mounts behind your license plate, with the camera hanging slightly in front. You may need to drill a small hole to run the wire from the camera into your trunk, where you wire the camera into your vehicle’s reverse light. The product manual has good instructions for this step, so you can do it without hiring a professional. The camera itself is weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain or dirt.

The monitor mounts on your dash or windshield using a suction cup. It uses a 12-volt connection through your cigarette lighter outlet, and powers on when you turn the ignition. The 4.3-inch is clear and crisp. Five large, clearly labeled buttons beside the display bring up the menu and change settings, or turn the on-screen parking guidelines on and off.

Should you buy the Peak PCK0BU4?

Aside from being among the most affordable backup cameras that we tested, the Peak PCK0BU4 was one of the best. It performs well both in bright daylight and at night, and its automatic operation when your car shifts to reverse is convenient. We recommend it for anyone who wants a top-quality backup camera, whether you’re on a budget or not.