The Withings Body is a Wi-Fi connected scale that can track the body weight and BMI of up to eight different people in your household. It has numerous health-tracking features to help you gain more insight into your current weight and BMI, and it’s one of the best bathroom scales if you’re looking for something a little bit clever but simple to use. 

It works in tandem with the Withings Health Mate app (iOS, Android), and will therefore ping your weigh-in data straight to your device, including Withings’ own range of fitness trackers . That means you can monitor your progress over a certain period of time to see if any patterns are emerging.

If you are looking to lose weight, don’t forget that a healthy diet and regular, varied exercise are the best way to achieve sensible and long-lasting weight loss. On that note, take a look at our guide to the best treadmills for walking and running at home, or the best exercise bikes for indoor cycling and breaking a sweat during at home spin class workouts. 

Withings Body review: Design

This smart bathroom scale is well designed and attractive. It has a slim body with a mirrored finish and metal accessories. The display is large and easy to read. You have a choice of two colors, white or black, and either look fits quite well into just about any bathroom design. 

The scale is small enough to position in a narrow spot out of the way. It weighs 4.6lbs, stands a mere 0.9″ high, and measures 12.8 x 12.8″.

A unique factor this smart weight scale tracks is the air quality in your house, including carbon dioxide levels and temperature. This is relevant info, as your living environment can affect your general health, especially when it comes to sleep quality.

You can use the Withings phone and tablet app as a key tool for establishing healthy eating habits. When grocery shopping or eating out, for example, you’ll have access to your historical data, charts and graphs that serve as reminders to stick to your eating plan.

Withings Body review: Features

The Withings Body companion app tracks each of your weigh-ins and compiles, compares and analyzes the data so that you can see how you’re progressing. The account takes the data and creates charts and graphs that allow you to visualize your goals and progress for any improvement plan.

This digital bathroom scale comes with a free online Withings account and app. Your personal account has security options, since you wouldn’t want everyone to have access to your health information.

When you purchase this scale, you get a one-year warranty, a product manual and email support. If you’d prefer to purchase a scale with a longer warranty, you might want to consider the Yunmai Premium .

Having this slim-bodied smart scale on the floor of your bathroom can keep you informed of your physical progress. The Withings Body provides an abundance of health information to help you track your self-improvement goals. It’s compatible with useful third-party apps that can provide further insights into your health.

Withings Body review: Performance

We found this scale both accurate and consistent. When we placed free weights on the scale, it measured them correctly within a tenth of a pound. This scale also provided consistent readouts of our reviewers’ body weights – that is, when one tester stepped onto the scale several times in rapid succession, the scale displayed the same weight nearly every time. 

While the occasional inconsistency did occur, this is one of the most accurate bathroom scales in our review.

This smart scale gives you a good idea of your overall health by noting your weight and body composition, including body mass index, body fat, muscle mass and heart rate. It can handle weights up to 396lbs and store up to eight profiles, which each person can sync to an online account.

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Each time you or one of your family members steps onto the scale, the information automatically uploads to the corresponding Withings online account and to any of the other 60 compatible apps that you can find through Withings’ various partnerships. You can download some third-party apps for free, while others require payment.

Should you buy the Withings Body?

The Withings Body has now been superseded with the Withings Body+ and Body Cardio in the Withings range of Wi-Fi scales, but you can still buy it. That also means it’s usually available for a rock bottom price, making it a great option if you want a scale with Wi-Fi connectivity but that doesn’t require endless app control.

This sleek and simple scale will accurately measure your body weight and BMI,